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Coming next month!

Announcing the next level of iFlytheAirshow interactivity!

You fly the airplane. You tell the pilot what maneuvers to fly and then you control the view as the maneuvers are flown.

Take a sneak peak at the capabilities that we will be releasing next month.

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OnDemand Experience

Fly along on pre-recorded airshow flights. Play it back all while being in control of the view. You are not just watching what someone else thinks is cool, you are in control of what you see!

Step 1: Register as a user

Step 2: Select an OnDemand Experience to have

Step 3: Enjoy the ride and control the view!

OnDemand Experiences

Live Experience

Ride along on a live airshow performance and you control the view. You are not just watching what someone wants you to see, you are in control and can switch amongst four views from the aircraft!

Step 1: Register as a user

Step 2: Make a reservation for a live Experience

Step 3: Check in, enjoy the ride and control the view!

Live Experiences

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What its all about

The Experiences

Place yourself in the cockpit. Switch views from inside the cockpit to views on the outside the aircraft. You are in control of how you experience the flight.

The Aircraft

Learn more about the exciting aircraft available for you to fly.

The Pilots

Meet the men and women that own and fly these amazing and exciting aircraft

What you get to do

Live interactive flying experience. Where you get to be in control of the view.

Experience what it is like to execute a barrel roll, a loop, or a cuban eight and view it all happening in real time while you switch between four views located in the cockpit and outside the aircraft.

Desktop and mobile ready.

Access your experiences from wherever you have an internet connection on whatever device is most convenient for you.

Share your flight experiences with your friends.

Brag to your friends about the warbird that you flew in the airshow. Share access to your experiences so that you can show your fiends how exciting it is to be a warbird pilot.

As you experience more you earn share coupons which can be sent to friends and family and are redeemable for one free Experience credit.



$ 1.98 /experience
(2 credits)

10-30 minutes long

Experience log book

Experience saved for OnDemand

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Best Deal

$ 8.49

10 Experience Credits

Experience log book

Plus 2 Buddy Passes

Purchase Bundle

On Demand

$ 0.99 /experience
(1 credit)

10-30 minutes long

Experience log book

Watch on your own schedule

Purchase Credits

Either purchase experience credits in advance or get charged for an experience when it starts. Experience credits speed up the process of getting directly into that pilot's seat when the experience begins.

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